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rombus ICT services and industrial maintenance from a single source

Modern data centers and server rooms have to be protected from dust, pollution and electrostatics – don't risk any breakdowns and deliver the protection to a pro! rombus AG is a renowned specialist and has know-how to protect your investments. Successfully realised projects in data centers, railway technology, hospitals or telephone switchboards can be named as examples. Specifically developed technical solutions and reliable, audited procedures guarantee best results.

We solve problems with dust, pollution and electrostatics in the area of electronic devices, ICT systems, servers, data centers and industrial maintenances. Professionally maintained, cleaned and protected ICT hardware and systems are important for steady, dependable and fail-safe systems. We advise and support our customers with a variety of services, products, materials and tools – all from a single source.


  • Protection of data centers, servers and electronic devices during modifications
    In the case of rebuilding works, we protect your systems with a temporary clean room.
  • Server cleaning
    We clean servers in case of damage, but also regularly for their protection during the year.
  • Cleaning of communication equipment
    We clean communication devices, e.g. floor distributors that aren't protected as well as installations in the server room or data center.
  • Data center cleaning
    We clean data centers including servers, inserted floors, room, etc.